LOUVRE 360 will assist your arrival and show you a clear path to settling in. We help you solve all Visa, Property and Financial related Issues during your relocation process. With the use of specialists in our network, as well as our expertise, we turn bureaucratic nightmares into well managed and fluid processes.

Golden Visa

Depending on what visa management issues you need help with in Portugal, our partnerships with experienced law firms can guarantee a solution for you. We work together with hand-picked law firms to bring you specialised help as well as personalised translation and accompaniment to your visa meetings. We also provide help in managing your healthcare situation.

Our services:
• Gathering and preparing the initial documents;
• Certification and translation of all documents needed;
• Monitoring the process in close contact with SEF – if necessary;
• Application to obtain the Portuguese health card.
From collecting and filling to managing your visa situation, we are there with you all steps of the way.

Non-Habitual Residency Permits

As a foreigner in Portugal you can obtain an advantageous tax status called the NHR (Non – Habitual residency) this gives you access to many tax benefits which are unmatched in comparison to most European countries, such as a fixed rate of 20% income tax in Portugal for the first 10 years of living in the country, for some specific professions. Abroad pensions payments are also tax free according to NHR status, so it’s critical to have the right Financial Management is key when relocating.

Our services:
• Gathering and preparing the initial documents;
• Legal advice;
• Assisting the applicant in SEF;
• Obtain the tax number identification card;
• Monitoring the process in close contact with Finanças;
• Filing the taxes for you in your first year in portugal.

LOUVRE 360 manages your application for this status with the preparation of all the necessary documentation, obtaining your fiscal number as well as your first tax filing.